MRTC Mission

Recruit civic-minded Republicans for election or appointment to Town of Madison boards and commissions,

Recommend and endorse such candidates for inclusion on the ballots (elected) or to Board if Selectmen (appointed),

Support Republican candidates for office who will be responsive to the needs of Madison,

Actively encourage the enrollment of Madison residents as Republicans, and

Persuade unaffiliated voters to support Republican Candidates.


Joining the MRTC

  • 2 levels of Membership - Regular Members and Associate Members
  • Both require submission of an Application
  • Candidates are interviewed by the Nominations Committee.
    • Regular Members are voted in at Town Wide Republican Caucus in January, every other year.  At the Caucus, a slate is presented by the Nominations Committee, but there can be nominations from the floor.
    • Associate Members are voted on by the Town Committee
  • Terms are for two years.  No term limits.  Officers are selected by the membership usually in March of the Caucus year.
  • Vacancies are filled by the Town Committee, from candidates brought forward by the Nominations Committee